gr Nina Garbi
18.02.2021 11:36am

Hello, mister Siner!
You made me laugh so much as a little girl. Thanks for that.
Your character Gruber and also Captain Hans Geering are both very endearing. I hope you're doing well and I'm glad to see you're still acting in movies.

se Axel
15.02.2021 09:18pm


gb Stuart
15.02.2021 06:52pm


ie Julie Heinz
13.02.2021 11:04pm

Loved you in Allo Allo! My favourite character by far. Found you through Vicki Michelles Twitter page which lead me here. So glad I get a chance to say thank you for all the laughs! Hope you are well Guy, take care and best wishes from Dublin, Ireland

us Kim A
08.02.2021 10:59pm

My family has loved this show ever since I was little but back then, I couldn't understand a "leek of wot was being sod" (lick of what was being said) since we didn't have captions then. Now that it's on Prime, my father and I have been enjoying it immensely, watching an episode a night, Though sometimes I've snuck in a few extra episodes cause I couldn't get enough of the antics on the show.

We both unanimously agree that Gruber is our favorite character overall on the show. I'm actually rather sad that we're nearly done revisiting the series but so grateful to understand at last the reason my family fell in love with the show. Don't let anything happen to that little tank, and thank you so much for the laughs!

gb Richard Welford-Smith
04.02.2021 01:18am


gb Ellouise
26.01.2021 12:00am

Allo, I am 23, I received your autograph 6 years ago, just wondered if you voice acted in the Star Wars game from 2002 I’m playing? Love you! Ellouise

Dear Ellouise,
I can't remember from the date - I did so many, and in some of the games I played several roles.
I hope you enjoy it.
All good wishes,
ar Steve
22.01.2021 01:04pm

Dear Mr. Siner, sitting watching some of your work with the Allo Allo crew whilst living in Argentina, it brings back so many wonderful memories. I grew up in Zimbabwe, and all of my class mates at school and I used to quote ad nauseum the various catch phrases from the show. It truly was a wonderful show that brought much happiness and even now I can pop out a Heil a Mussolini and know that my dear old dad will collapse in fits. Thank you for all the happiness you brought. Very sincerely, Steve

Dear Steve,
So kind of you to say so - thank you.
I hope you and your father continue to enjoy the show.
Thanks again, and kind regards,
gb Paul Baker
14.01.2021 02:52am

Dear Mr SIner,
A very big thank you for all the re-newed laughs you are giving us during our lockdown period ,My partner Steven and i are so great full to you and the remaining cast of ALLO ALLO for keeping us sane in the dark times.
please keep safe and well.
Steven and i

Thank you Paul. I'm so glad you enjoy the show.
Stay safe! Best, Guy
us Momir Milinovich
13.01.2021 08:11pm