us Matthew Haussler
15.05.2018 02:45am


be David
13.05.2018 06:40pm

After all those years I'm finally going to meet you at LFCC 2018. It is a dream coming true.

Thank you for your great acting, and thank you for spending time to/with your fans; It's very admirable!

Greetings from Belgium!

nl Ivo
13.04.2018 01:29pm

Dear sir, I noticed the photo section is empty. I was wondering about your appearance in "I Claudius." Do you have a picture or can you tell me in which episode you appeared?
Thank you (also for the many good laughs!)

be Tim Thonet
10.04.2018 08:49pm

Dear Guy,
I want to thank you for all the laughter you brought us in Allo Allo,I am a big fan of the series and my German girlfriend too since I introduced her to it :-)
I missed your appearance at one of the Belgian comic cons 2 years ago,so I wanted to ask if you have any other appearances planned this year?
Kind regards and thank you for all your performances on screen throughout the years!

pl Artur Mojzych
03.04.2018 09:43pm

Dear Mr. Siner,
I wanted to thank you for acting in Allo Allo. Every scene with Lieutenant Gruber made me laugh a lot and watching you acting was a real joy for me. I recently watched all seasons of Allo Allo and I enjoyed it a lot. It makes me feel happier. I seen it a bit when I was younger, I saw all of it now and I will see all of it again in the future. Certainly not only once.
Wish You all the best!

us Christopher LoPresti
23.03.2018 03:16am


us Darla Kavanaugh
11.03.2018 08:06am

Allo Allo is just as funny as when it was first produced. I'm glad I can see it on Netflix and have shown it to my adult grandchildren. They love it too. Unlike some TV shows that don't seen as good as before, Allo Allo is still fun to watch. We're big fans of Lieutenant Gruber especially !

Thank you, Darla. I am so pleased you (and they) still enjoy the show.
All good wishes,
gb Brittany
03.03.2018 08:16pm


us Thomas Allen
25.01.2018 06:07pm

My wife and I are watching the complete Allo, Allo for the third time. You are my favorite character. Your performance goes far beyond slapstick and is wonderfully nuanced and frequently moving. Your version of Mad About the Boy was beautiful and we wonder if you have made an album. Your garbage truck escape driver was a wonderful transformation. We are about the same age and I hope you are well and happy. Thanks from Antonia, Missouri for brightening my life.

Dear Thomas,
I am almost at a loss as to how to answer your wonderful message. You do me too much honor. It always makes me happy to hear that my work gives people pleasure but I was truly touched by your words. Thank you so very much.
Sorry - no album...
With best wishes,

P.S. I would have emailed you privately, but alas this message system mixes up people's addresses...
gb Craig Allen
03.01.2018 10:03am