dk Stig Skotner
06.09.2019 01:01pm


gb Ayesha
04.09.2019 09:32pm


gb Justin
17.08.2019 10:49pm

Will you please please please come to Scotland, I met richard and Kim today absolutely awesome experience, they were amazing, I tried to find out if they had the picture of the fallen Madonna with ze big boobies, would love you too drop by in your little tonk. You are definetly one of my favourite actors, best regards from Scotland

gb David
13.07.2019 07:52am

Recently I watched an old Perry Mason episode entitled The Case of The Weary Watchdog, an actor named John Dall played the victim. I was really struck by his resemblance to Gruber both in mannerisms and facial expressions. His fathers surname was Thompson, I wonder if he could have been a distant relative?

be Dave
09.07.2019 09:06pm

Hello mr Siner,
I hope you are doing well. I was wondering: Will you be doing any appearances at conventions in Belgium or the Netherlands in 2019? Would _love_ to meet you again.

Wishing you all the best. ;)


us Ginger Law
20.05.2019 12:30am

I wrote and tried multiple times to send it to you. Still
not sure of its deliverance, I send it one more time by email, as you suggested. Apologies for its length:
Dear Mr Siner
Thank you for your portrayal of Hubert Gruber. Although created over 35 yrs ago ,"AlloAllo" is very new to me. Usually an active person, a recent medical condition has tethered me to my bed. Each day, depression increased. All this to say that finding this show has been a blessing. The more episodes I watch the brighter my mood becomes. Although crocheted how true it is that laughter is the best medicine in its ability to change and uplift. Indeed, if can be curative.
It is your character I find most fascinating and to whom I am drawn. I single you out in each episode, carefully observing your facial expressions, movements and positioning, your ability to stay in character. Episode after episode, Leuftenant Gruber is endearing in his comical naivety. However, it is his underlying consistent kindness w

gb Michael Angus
15.05.2019 05:27pm

Hello 😊

I've begun on a week long run of the stage show this week and I am playing Gruber which has been an amazing experience, and I would just like too say how much I've enjoyed watching your portrayal of Gruber on the show it gave me so much too go on as well as making it a very much enjoyable process as you always manage too light up the show with your presence and gestures and ive just got so much respect for you from one actor too another 😊

us Tame Rey
15.05.2019 07:56am


gr wendula
11.05.2019 02:45pm

Hello dear Mr. Siner.... a name to carry carefully... hmmm... How about discovering the Greek way of life. Dayly Live "allo allo", enough substance to write 90 episode greek version, and roll under the table with laughter. My duck is called Donald Trump. All the goat owners steal each other goats and the priest gives them the benediction, proudly seated on his donkey. If you please, you are most welcome to visit my website which is much more serious than what really happens on this island.
Kindly, Wendula

au Emma
29.04.2019 12:57pm

Hello Guy,

I am just rewatching one of my favorite shows - 'Allo 'Allo, and am thoroughly enjoying watching your performance as Lt. Gruber! I thought I would send you a quick hello and a big thanks for being part of such a great program!