sg Jessica Soo
07.09.2020 11:38am


us Carol Brooks
29.08.2020 08:07pm

Dear Mr Siner,
Those of us of British descent in India tended to gravitate towards British programmes and watched and enjoyed many of them. Far more recently I rediscovered and introduced my American husband to British comedy - The unbelievably and delightfully politically incorrect Allo 'Allo! at the top of the list.

I had open heart surgery a little more than a year ago and on days I was particularly tired during the long recovery would prop up in bed and watch a few episodes that (between you and Rene) would cheer me up immensely. I cannot say enough about your absolutely marvelous facial expressions (how in the world does anyone do that ?) that never failed to get us laughing.

Yesterday we wathed your portrayal of Hitler which I can describe in three words - Brilliant! Brilliant! Brilliant! There are few scenes in movies of television that I have enjoyed as much.

Thank you for many hours of sheer pleasure. Sending you a heartfelt hug

pl Natasha
28.08.2020 12:07pm


ee Mart
26.08.2020 09:04am

Dear Mr Siner!

I have watched all the 'Allo 'Allo series and wanted to tell you, that Your character Hubert Gruber was my favourite! I think it is because he is so pure at heart and the most honest one there is: the Colonel and General are corrupt, Renè is having affairs, the waitresses are after money etc. Gruber is the romantic. I hope You are doing great and all the best!

gb Ahmed
03.08.2020 04:27am

I have been a fan since I was a child when I first saw Allo Allo
In the late 80’s.
Lt Gruber was always my favourite character because of your talent for playing such a role.
Every time I see you in a movie/drama scenes it always brings a smile to my Face.
It broke my heart to hear so much of the old cast Passing away over the years :(...
I hope you & your family are well in this trying time.
Thank you for all the joy the shows have bought me & everyone else.
Keep safe & God bless :)

gb Peter Nixon
17.07.2020 07:30pm


gb Rachel
08.07.2020 09:03am


us Inga Maximoff
01.07.2020 08:46pm


fi Jason Millward
27.06.2020 07:42am


de Katrin
23.06.2020 10:24pm

Dear Guy Siner,

recently I remembered having watched some episodes of "'Allo 'Allo" years ago by chance - and immediately bought the complete DVD-Box. Now I am watching and watching, I merely can't stop. I love it. And most of all, I love your character Lieutenant Hubert Gruber. It's such a big pleasure! Thank you so much for playing this role and playing it like that!

All best

Dear Katrin
Thank you very much for your kind message. It always makes me happy to hear that the show gives people such pleasure.
Kind regards - and stay safe!
Guy (Siner)