gb Magdalena
01.06.2017 01:14am


gb Ian Higgs
07.05.2017 12:50pm


gb Marie Cranfield
26.04.2017 09:45am

Good morning

My name is Marie Cranfield and I am the manager of Springfield Court Care Centre, formally known as the Cheriton.

This year the home will be 70 years old (June 1947)and was a maternity hospital before it become a nursing home.

We plan to have a celebration on 28 August to celebrate the birthday. We are also doing some fund raising for the residents. We would like to invite you and other members of the cast could join us to celebrate.


Marie Cranfield

gb Amy Pazera
21.04.2017 12:30pm


gb Gabby Keegan
20.04.2017 02:41pm

I really loved watching Allo Allo, because of Hubert Gruber, you played the part brilliantly and not only that you're very good looking. I think you're a brilliant actor!!!!!!

gb Joanne
11.04.2017 06:18pm


gb Oliver Blake
05.04.2017 01:53pm

Dear Mr Siner, As a child of the 80s, I can say with hand on heart that I adored Allo Allo as a TV program, and Lt Gruber was always the sweetest and loveliest character. I am honoured to say that I have now been successful in auditioning for the part of Gruber in the Stage Production which will be shown in Cheltenham Playhouse Theatre in June this year. Your portrayal is an absolute inspiration and whilst I could never live up to your level, I hope I will do the character proud. Kindest wishes.

Thank you, Oliver, and good luck with the show.
Kind regards,
ca Kiri Allen
04.04.2017 01:38am


be Demoitié Luc
01.04.2017 02:56pm

I've seen the hole serie "allo" "allo" on dvd for the 5th time. After so many years it's alweys also a very good serie. Thx. leutenant Gruber!

Thanks, Luc. Kind regards, Guy
gb Steven Smith
19.03.2017 10:24pm

For Richard Gibson and Guy Siner.

I had the pleasure to meet you at Comicon at the NEC today.

I still have a smile on my face when I recall the conversation with you both. The signed photograph of Richard will be taking pride of place in my Home Office. Thank you for appending the 'No, I said Flick the Gestapo!'.

Your enthusiasm was noticed by all that I spoke to that came into contact with you both.

I had to leave early to ensure my wife made it to another photo booking and unfortunately did not get a chance to return to obtain a photo from Guy. I shall keep an eye out on upcoming Comicon events and try to rectify this.
I have a colleague who is a fan of Allo, Allo and also used to have 'a little tank' of his own while in the Army in the '80's. It will make a very suitable retirement gift for him in 12 months. A challenge for me, but if it involves meeting you both again one I shall relish!

Again thank you for making an enjoyable day an outstanding one.

Yours Sin

Thanks, Steven. Look forward to meeting you again. Kind regards, Guy