us Marc Olivier
10.03.2020 09:46pm

Dear Mr. SINER,
Please take no offense, for W/ all due respect I'd like to say that you are my favorite "KRAUT". Or "Jerry" in the Allo Allo series. In my humble opinion you're a great thespian, who delivered us Oberleutnant Hubert Gruber so well that I was convinced you were both a German soldier and gay. You deserve a standing ovation from all your fans. With affection accept my thank you for being you. Marc

ch Hottek, Michael
22.02.2020 12:32pm


gb Stuart
10.01.2020 03:12pm

Dear Guy

I just want to say how much I enjoy watching Allo Allo and how much your portrayal of Lt. Gruber always brings a smile to my face.

My life has been incredibly busy and difficult supporting many others for some time now but, when time allows, watching Allo Allo really helps lift my spirits to recharge me for whatever challenges lie ahead.

You are an amazing actor, such a pleasure to watch time and time again.

I hope that life is treating you well.

Thank you so much, with all my very best wishes,

gb Dan Sparrow
23.11.2019 12:28pm


us Kate
23.10.2019 07:26pm

Just a note to say I still love you and your little tank. I've seen (and enjoyed ) many of you roles over time but my heart belongs to Gruber. Your talent is amazing and you have a most precious gift to lighten the heart and deliver smiles-- and laughter. God bless you always and thank you for the joy you continue to give!

Dear Kate,
Thank you for your lovely words. It always makes me happy to read that my work gives people such pleasure. I am truly humbled.
Kind regards, and thanks again,
be de bundel thierry
12.10.2019 05:19am


dk Stig Skotner
06.09.2019 01:01pm


gb Ayesha
04.09.2019 09:32pm


gb Justin
17.08.2019 10:49pm

Will you please please please come to Scotland, I met richard and Kim today absolutely awesome experience, they were amazing, I tried to find out if they had the picture of the fallen Madonna with ze big boobies, would love you too drop by in your little tonk. You are definetly one of my favourite actors, best regards from Scotland

Dear Justin,
Alas I was doing a Sci-fi convention on that weekend so wasn't available to come to Scotland. I'm sorry.
Another time, I hope.
Kind regards,
gb David
13.07.2019 07:52am

Recently I watched an old Perry Mason episode entitled The Case of The Weary Watchdog, an actor named John Dall played the victim. I was really struck by his resemblance to Gruber both in mannerisms and facial expressions. His fathers surname was Thompson, I wonder if he could have been a distant relative?

Dear David,
I am not in any way related to this person.