us Darla Kavanaugh
11.03.2018 07:06am

Allo Allo is just as funny as when it was first produced. I'm glad I can see it on Netflix and have shown it to my adult grandchildren. They love it too. Unlike some TV shows that don't seen as good as before, Allo Allo is still fun to watch. We're big fans of Lieutenant Gruber especially !

gb Brittany
03.03.2018 07:16pm


us Thomas Allen
25.01.2018 05:07pm

My wife and I are watching the complete Allo, Allo for the third time. You are my favorite character. Your performance goes far beyond slapstick and is wonderfully nuanced and frequently moving. Your version of Mad About the Boy was beautiful and we wonder if you have made an album. Your garbage truck escape driver was a wonderful transformation. We are about the same age and I hope you are well and happy. Thanks from Antonia, Missouri for brightening my life.

gb Craig Allen
03.01.2018 09:03am


gb bob hellier
19.12.2017 09:41pm

you played general ravon in doctor who genesis of the daleks what was it like working with peter miles as nyder and tom baker and the other cast of the doctor who episode

nl Annette
28.11.2017 08:45pm


fi Tom
11.11.2017 10:19pm

Thank you for all the laughs!

au Marie
31.10.2017 12:52am

Love watching my 'Allo 'Allo DVDs and you, with Rose Hill's Fanny, are my favourite characters - the right touch of modesty and self-deprecation. I loved the first episode with the matches, the reference to Hubert the tank and the last episode. So many good scenes and such a feel good series. The ensemble worked in this series...the sum of all parts and all that!

nl Ivo van Nieuwburg
19.10.2017 08:02pm

Dear Mr. Siner,
I wanted to thank you for your acting in Allo Allo. Seeing you act in the series along with your fellow actors has been one o f the great pleasures of my youth. And i still watch the series after 20 years. And it still brings tears to my eyes witlh laughter and joy.
Wish you all the best. And thank you for your part in the series.

hu Monica
16.10.2017 07:20pm

Mr. Siner,
I would like to wish you a really happy birthday today! I'm watching Allo Allo right now, and your scenes are the best in this series. Thank you very much for making my days happier with your character, Lieutenant Gruber. You are a truly amazing actor!
Best regards,
Monica from Hungary.